The Romsdal Alps


The Romsdal Alps are waiting for you, easily accessed in the innermost part of the Romsdalsfjord. The mountaineering in Norway started here at the end of the 17th century. Below, you'll find some information about the most well known mountains in the Romsdal area. If you need guiding, contact "Peaks and Bandits", see link under Alp Links.

Kart over alpene

Litlefjellet in Vengedalen

Utsikt fra Litlefjellet mot Romsdalshorn og Trollveggen.Utsikt fra Litlefjellet mot Isfjorden og Kirketaket.Litlefjellet in Vengedalen is a easy and short trip, but the view is tremendous! Drive the mountain road up to Vengedalen and pass the Vengedals lake. The path starts approximately one kilometer after you pass the lake, on the right side of the road. You use approx 20 minutes to the edge (780m), from where you have a fantastic view down to the Romsdal valley and to Trollveggen. You stand below Romsdalshorn (1550m) and you have Vengetind at the east.

Nesaksla at Åndalsnes

Utsikt fra Nesaksla mot IsfjordenUtsikt fra Nesaksla utover Romsdalsfjorden.Utsikt fra Nesaksla mot TrollveggenUtsikt fra Nesaksla mot Isterdalen og TrollstigenNesaksla at Åndalsnes and over the mountains to Isfjorden is a nice trip with fantastic view to the Romsdal alps, you actually have view to the coast from here. You start from Esso gas station close to the tunnel in Åndalsnes, steep up to the hut at Nesaksla (715m). Continue upwards to Mjelvaskaret (991m) or down to Vikåbotn before you walk down Høgnosa, over Steinselva river and follow the path down to Øvre Stølen and Furukollen. Then follow the forest road down to Isfjorden Soccer stadium. Instead of walking down Høgnåsa, you can follow the ridge from Mjølvafjellet to Blånebba. You must use rope and climbing gear at the steepest areas here. View down to Romsdal valley and Trollveggen, Romsdalshorn and Vengetind, Kirketaket and all the way to the coastline.


IsfjordenÅndalsnes og RomsdalenVeblungsnesInnfjorden og MåndalenStranda- fjellet above Brevika is a easy and short walk. This walk is nice both in summer and winter. You start at the parkingplace in Skorgedalen. Walk/take the skilift up to the top of the skicenter. Follow the path along the ridge to the top of the ridge. Then take to the right (South direction) until you are at the top of Strandafjellet. A fantastic view towards the Romsdal Alps and Romsdalsfjord is the reward (See panorama in the menu).


Romsdalen og TrollveggenTrollveggen sett fra RomsdalenTrollveggen sett fra Litlefjellet i VengedalenTrollveggen is a world famous mountain. Both climbing and B.A.S.E.-Jumping in Trollveggen has attracted people from all over the world. A nice walk up to the cliff-edge (Bruraskardet) start at Trollstigen.


VengetindVengetind Vengetind (climbing) is a "untypical" mountain in Romsdalen. With it's rugged and disintegrated formations it reminds more of the Central-Europe alps. At springtime when the top of Vengetind is covered with snow, no mountains are more beautiful! You start at Vengedalen in Isfjorden, different routes to the top.

Torshammeren, Foto: Jon Endre FlåttenTorshammeren, Foto: Aksel "Renne" StraumeTorshammeren (climbing) is a "pinacle" squeezed inbetween Kvanndalstindene. You start at Kvanndalen in Dalsbygda in Isfjorden, or you can reach the pinacle from Vengetind. Wild area!

Romsdalshorn sett fra RomsdalenRomsdalshorn sett fra Vengedalen Romsdalshorn (climbing) is the most "famous" mountain in the area in addition to Trollveggen and Vengetind. You must climb to reach the top (1550m). Fantastic view , easy climb. You start from Vengedalen in Isfjorden.

Kirketaket - Klauva (Hesteskotraversen)
Klauva og KirketaketKlauva og Kirketaket i vinterdraktKirketaket over Klauva (Hesteskotraversen) is a long but nice walk, you start at Øvre Kavli in Isfjorden. Follow the forest road until it's crossing heiaelva river, follow "marked" path to Loftskardssetra (towards Måsvassbu). From Loftskardssetra walk into Hestebotn and upwards to "Vesle Klauva" (1356m), then follow the ridge (you must cross the ridge a couple of times) northwards to Klauva (1542m) and along the ridge to Kirketaket (1439m). It's steep some places, but should be ok without rope. Continue down Kirketaket to Steinberget and back to Loftskardssetra. A nice roundtrip, approximately 8 hours... At wintertime this mountain is a fantastic mountain to ski Telemark from, more than 1000 meter vertikal drop!
Juratind and Hoemsbu

JuratindJuratind Juratind og HoemsbuJuratind and Hoemsbu: Hoemsbu is a DNT-Hut (with food serving) at Hoem by the Eikesdalsvatnet lake. The path starts at Rabben in Søredalen in Grøvdalen. Follow the path on the right side of the river to Hoemskardet (approx. 1400m, glacier - use rope). From here you can take a short walk/climb up to Juratind(1712m). Or continue down the glacier and the path down Hoemsdalen to Hoemsbu.

The Lakes behind Tverrberget

TverrbergetFleskevatnetSaufonnvatnet. Foto: Rune FolkvordGlutervatnetvatnetBehind Tverrberget in Isfjorden, we find Glutervatnet, Grøttavatnet, Fleskevatnet, Saufonnvatnet and Middagsfjellvatnet Lakes. They are"pearls" southeast of Tverrberget in Isfjorden. Here you can walk from hut to hut. You can start the walk either from Erstaddalen in Isfjorden or from Sandgrovbotn, a mountain road southeast of Isfjorden. From Erstaddalen you walk up either Saufonnholet or Gluterholet, on each side of Tverrberget. Both paths are steep, be careful! Open huts and boats for use at all lakes. Fishing can be done, contakt "Hen Fjellstyre".

Kaldtinden, Grøntinden and Prosten

Utsikt fra Kaldtinden. Foto: Arild HaugenKaldtinden (1115m), Grøntinden and Prosten is a nice daytrip in the Måndalen mountains. Text to be completed...

Svartvassbu, Vasstindbu and Måsvassbu
Svartvassbu, Vasstindbu and Måsvassbu is a nice roundtrip if you want to walk from hut to hut. From Rabben in Søredalen in Grøvdalen, follow the path towards Hoemsbu, after a while you must cross the river and continue along the path at the east side of the river from Svartevatnet. Svartvassbu (896m) ia a DNT-Hut with selfservice (DNT = Norw. mountain association, food in the hut). The path continues on Gråfjell and around Helvetesbotn passing Slenesvatnet lake (719m) to Vasstindbu (approx. 1200m). Further on to Jøvdalsvatnet (764m), around Falkhammaren, passing Mørkvatnet lake and Mørkvassbotn to Måsvassbu (578m). From Måsvassbu follow the path south to Loftskardet and down to Øvre Kavli in Isfjorden.

Grøvdalsbakken is a hidden pearl in Romsdalen. Start in the "jungle" in Grøvdalen in Isfjorden. Bakkevatnet is a idyllic lake at 729m. Here's a nice hut open for everybody. Start at Stølen where the road ends in Søredalen in Grøvdalen. Follow a nice path in the forest and cross the suspension bridge over the river before the path gets steeper upwards Loftdalen. You need approximately 2 hours on this walk. The path continues to Øvste Bakkevatnet 861m. Another hut here. Fishing for trout can be done in these lakes, contact "Hen Fjellstyre".